Friend of TCMS

Bell Wealth Management is honored to have recently been approved as a “Friend of Travis County Medical Society”. We look forward to serving as a resource to members of the Society who are interested in receiving advice from an experienced and independent financial professional.
Our consultative wealth management approach will help you prioritize your financial goals and create a comprehensive plan for success. We are different from most advisors in that we do not sell insurance, annuities, or any other commission-based product. It is important to us that our advice always be independent and conflict-free.

Unfortunately, many physicians are hounded by the financial services industry from the day they leave medical school. What’s worse is that most of these “advisors” spend more time learning how to sell than how to help their clients achieve and maintain financial independence. Building a long-term relationship with a trusted financial professional can be one of the most important decisions you make, but it has to be the right fit. To help determine that, we offer a Second Opinion service to those who are serious about building a secure financial future and are willing to spend some quality time with us.

We may or may not be the right fit for each other, but you can be confident that we will shoot it to you straight—no gimmicks, hidden fees, or corporate agenda. Just solid advice from people who are passionate about they do and who they serve.