Our expertise is broad and deep. We help clients with a wide range of complex financial issues including investments, taxes and insurance. From entity formation to succession planning, from college savings to retirement withdrawals, our advice is always provided within the scope of a holistic relationship.

Investment Consulting

Asset Allocation
  • Thorough analysis of individual values, goals, interests, preferences and constraints is used to create a Total Client Profile
  • Investment objectives are goals-based and dependent on individual ability, willingness, and need to assume risk
Portfolio Management
  • Investment philosophy based on proven methods, not hope or speculation
  • Optimized portfolios designed to deliver high, risk-adjusted returns
  • Dollar-cost-averaging and disciplined rebalancing process
Executive Compensation
  • Concentrated equity strategies
  • Deferred Compensation
  • Pre-IPO and merger planning
  • Rule 144
  • Incentive stock options and RSUs
Alternative Investments

Evaluation of holdings in real estate, hedge funds, private equity, commodities, mineral rights, and closely-held businesses

Advanced Planning

Wealth Enhancement
  • Tax-efficient investment strategies
  • Intelligent retirement withdrawal plans
  • Tax-advantaged education savings
  • Tax-loss harvesting
Wealth Protection
  • Evaluating potential personal and business risks
  • Cost-effective risk-management solutions
  • Legal entity formation
  • Life insurance strategies
Wealth Transfer
  • Comprehensive estate plan review and guidance
  • Reduce or eliminate estate tax liability
  • Liquidity strategies
Charitable Giving
  • Solutions that maximize value of gift to charity while decreasing current tax liability
  • Planned giving options that benefit both heirs and charity
  • Donor-advised fund or private foundation